Adult Courses

Virtual Languages Classes for Adults

Travel while staying at home! With our new virtual campus, you can now take classes from the comfort of your home!

At the Y, you can learn a new language at any age!

Whether for personal or professional development, learning a new language is always rewarding.

The YMCA International Language School offers dynamic and interactive small-group classes taught by certified teachers.

Our language courses include many activities that encourage student discussion and help them make their new language part of their daily lives. We also have two computer labs for full-time French and English students.

True to the mission of the YMCAs of Québec, the International Language School provides financial assistance to promote access to its programs. For more information, click here.

* Please note that courses and prices are subject to change without notice. Students who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents will be charged an administration fee when they register for a language course. Please contact us for more information about these fees.

* If you have not taken a class at our school in the last 6 months or if you have attended classes at another institution since your last class at our school, you must take another placement test before registering.