On her own, but full of hope thanks to you!

Chérine was alone, afraid and barely able to speak French when she arrived at the Canadian border as a refugee. One can only imagine the traumatic experience that persuaded her parents to put her on a plane and say goodbye.

Each year, 300 unaccompanied minors seek asylum in Canada. The average age of these children is 10. They have been robbed of their rights, like their right to safety or to plan for the future. Every summer, in addition to many other underprivileged children, you are giving 10 kids living in exile like Chérine the chance to go to camp.

“It was magical. We were like family there. We helped each other. We loved each other. I left camp with memories that I will never forget.”

THANK YOU so much for giving Chérine a chance to have fun and to not be afraid.

*Name has been changed to preserve the participant’s anonymity.