"More than physical activity, a healthy and active lifestyle for everyone."

"Today, I want to give back by offering all the happiness that I experienced at the Y."

Enrico is a survivor. At the age of 23, he suffered a traumatic brain injury following a motorcycle accident that left him in a coma for two weeks. Enrico miraculously survived, but two years of rehabilitation were needed to relearn how to walk, talk, and function. His story seems hard to believe when you meet him. He is now a CEGEP teacher, a doctoral student and trainer, as well as a seasoned triathlete.

Enrico’s recovery can be credited to his incredible medical team. And also to the Y, where he began exercising again and where he found a family to support him during critical moments in his life.

This led him to develop an exercise program for people who, like him, have suffered brain injury. His goal: to help them become active members of their community again.

Thanks to you, thousands of individuals participate in the YMCA’s various physical activities and feel better in their bodies, minds and hearts - no matter their age, no matter their motivation! Like Enrico, they feel welcome, build positive relationships and develop a strong sense of belonging to their Y.

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