Every youth needs your encouragement, every day

Every year, thousands of high school students drop out of school. It is an action that has serious consequences for their future as well as the future of our communities.

Help with homework, social and financial support: your donation aids in breaking down the barriers these students encounter and help them graduate.

"I would like to thank the entire team for encouraging and helping me throughout high school. Thanks Marie Céline! Trust doesn’t come easily for me, but you knew how to win mine." - Lily, 17 years-old.

"Thanks to you, my time in high school was absolutely magical. I’m sad to be turning the page on this part of my story…" - Gessica, 18 years-old.

Throughout their journey, these high school students worked hand-in-hand with Pathways to Education youth workers at the Pointe-Saint-Charles YMCA. As a grandparent, father or mother, uncle or aunt, or even as a family friend, you have no doubt witnessed the development of a young person.

You can attest that it takes a whole team to succeed. You are an essential member of the team! Our donors are right beside the teens, parents and youth workers who collaborate every day. It is a true labour of love and sharing.

With your continued support, other participants, like Gessica and Lily, will have the opportunity to succeed in school as well as in life.


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