Who You Help

Helping thousands of people, all thanks to you

Not everyone gets the chance to learn, grow and thrive in a welcoming and inclusive environment. When you give to the YMCA, you are helping so many people get the support and the opportunities they need. Not only are you making a difference in the lives of these people, you are also helping your entire community. You are helping it become more healthy, inclusive and engaged. You are helping it become stronger.  

Here are the stories of Elijah, Clara, Enrico,Gessica, Lily, Karmin, Evans only a few of the thousands of people that we help thanks to your generosity.

"Words cannot express my relief, except maybe thank you!"

You're offering a break to those who need it the most, through sports!

"More than a youth program, a second family."

Your support gives young people who are going through a difficult time, a safe place to meet, build friendships, and grow together by simply being themselves.

"More than an inclusion program, a springboard for life."

Many children and adults suffer from exclusion. By supporting us, you make a huge difference that directly impacts children as well as the quality of life of entire families like Clara’s.

"More than physical activity, a healthy and active lifestyle for everyone."

Thanks to you, thousands of individuals feel better in their bodies, minds and hearts.

"I had another home to go to when I didn’t want to go home."

Their life paths are different, yet they have one thing in common - you offered them a welcoming place to forget about their problems and get the help they need.

"It helped me get off the streets."

For you, it might just seem like a TeenZone, but for so many young people it's a resource. And sometimes, a refuge.

"More than a TeenZone, a second family."

Within our TeenZones, we have amazing examples of involved, talented young people who will become extraordinary adults if they are simply given the chance.

Every youth needs your encouragement, every day

The words left in the graduation ceremony guestbook by Gessica and Lily touched us so deeply that we wanted to share them with you.

Letter from an unknown woman

When you receive a letter like this one, you realize that you are helping thousands of people find meaning in their lives without even knowing it...

"The YMCA is where I conquered my diabetes."

Thanks to your help, YMCA members are gaining the self-confidence, motivation, and knowledge they need to make physical activity part of their daily lives.

"I felt like I was in a cage. Now, I feel more free."

With your support, the Y can give young people what they need to make positive choices and succeed.

"Here, people feel like themselves."

By supporting us, you're investing in values like inclusion, kindness and respect, and you're making our programs more accessible to our fellow citizens.

“Anybody can come and feel comfortable and accepted.”

You have given hundreds of youth a chance to rewrite their story. Ask Evans, Jordan, Tyler, Lily, Cathy, Paula, Kim, Maya, Dominique, Suraj, Raphaël and Emrick.

“The YMCA is a source of rehabilitation.”

Your generosity “saved” Éric’s life. He was suffering from major depression. Giving him access to our facilities had a positive effect on his relationship with his family.

“Give the magic of camp is a way to prevent many things we don’t want”

Over these last three years, almost 500 kids in need as Juliette got a chance to have a transformational experience thanks to you.

“Thank you for not giving up on our son.”

There are lots of examples of the impact you are making each day. Nothing could illustrate this better than parents telling you that they are seeing a real change in their kid.

“Here, I learned to persevere.”

Through your support, you are giving youth like Ngee a chance to be heard and providing them with experiences that allow them to achieve success and find their path.

“I’m lucky to have gone to camp.”

By giving families like Star’s a chance to send their kids to camp, you are showing that people should not be denied a healthier life because of economic or social circumstances.

“Healthy living means quality time for the whole family.”

By helping us offer activities to families like the Giguère-Choquettes, you are encouraging kids to adopt long-lasting healthy habits.

“Now I know I am able to succeed.”

“By supporting William, you are keeping him in school, helping him graduate and changing the course of his life.”

“You have taken care of me and my kids just like what a family would do."

Donors like you opened doors for Thiruveny and her kids by giving them access to programs that they simply could not afford.

“I saw a difference in his life and at home. You changed him somehow.”

Jérôme’s drug use brought him to YMCA Alternative Suspension. Find out how your kind support helped him stay in school.

On her own, but full of hope thanks to you!

You have helped Chérine, 10, be like other kids. A Syrian refugee who came to Québec without her parents, she would not have had the chance to go to Camp YMCA Kanawana if it were not for you.

They found a second home at the Y

More than just helping their kids be successful at school, it was a way for their whole family to integrate into their new country.

Giving more kids access to YMCA programs

For Alexander, a 10-year old with special needs, the YMCA is a community where he can avoid isolation, a common concern for many.

"If it wasn’t for the Y, I don’t know where I would be"

Raphael thinks he has changed a lot since coming to the Y, thanks in part to staff members like OJ.

“You changed my life.”

When asked about the Youth Zone, instead of listing off her favourite activities, Kiara told us about a heartbreaking moment that happened three years ago.

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