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Closing the Culturally Y 2017-2018 Season

Du Parc YMCA - April 23 2018

Culturally Y is essentially a way to unleash energy in order to fulfill a collective dream: experiencing and offering culture that is accessible to all! With only a stage and our best-loved programming, more than 250 audience members and 60 amateur artists have participated in Culturally Y since its creation in 2016.

On April 13, the season’s closing event was in line with Culturally Y’s initial goals: to provide varied programming organized by youth for the benefit of the whole community.

The evening began with a presentation of the work of Lamia Bessaoud, a graduate in architecture from the University of Science and Technology of Oran. Lamia started painting at an early age. She draws inspiration from different places, like natural and urban landscapes, the body and thought, and human, animal and vegetal life.  

After, Mr. Fernandel, a singer-songwriter and comedian born in Marseille, gave a reading about his Québécois cousins: L’Accent. Lucie, from the south of France, confidently read her own text while playing up her vocal identity. She says, “Our accent shouldn’t make us blush; we should cultivate it.”

Charlotte Lapôtre, who as a child swore that she would learn all the languages of the world, sang to us while playing the ukelele. With her unique style and a contagious smile, Charlotte took us on a trip around the world with songs in Japanese, Hebrew and Latin.  

On a different note, Gabriela Buggé sang Édith Piaf’s La vie en rose in her high voice, followed by Daniella who stunned the audience and got them clapping with her rendition of Aretha Franklin’s Freedom.

Overcoming his nerves, Luiza Gama took to the Culturally Y stage for the first time, and then rapper Marvilous proved that he more than one string to his bow by performing a smart slam, which was both funny and moving.

Two daring 10-year-old members from the audience, Samuel and Mathias, spontaneously busted into a breakdance to everyone’s delight. Then, we moved the chairs to make room for Symbiosis. Members Marine Coeurdassier and Ainaze performed an enthusiastic and beat-driven choreography to Rock It. The performance reflected the spirit of these young women: energetic, happy and full of life.

Finally, we would like to recognize the excellent work of Anta Samb, a young project volunteer who emceed the event, and Lily Cattel who helped organize all of April’s programming, but who unfortunately could not attend the closing event.

Culturally Y is taking a break for the summer, but we will see you again in October 2018 for a new artistic adventure!  

Would you like to participate at the Culturally Y event in October 2018?

Contact: culturellementy@ymcaquebec.org

Would you like information about being part of the organizing committee (youth leaders of the Culturally Y project? Contact: lucie.deixonne@ymcaquebec.org