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Take part in the Downtown YMCA Indoor Triathlon on November 18

Downtown YMCA - October 23 2018


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the Downtown YMCA Indoor Triathlon presented by CN in collaboration with Triathlon Québec!

The triathlon will take place on Sunday, November 18. This fundraising event will help support hundreds of children, youth, and families from the YMCA, including youth from the Downtown YMCA TeenZone, giving them a chance to be active, learn, and feel connected. The event will strengthen our whole community.

Accessible to all!

Take up the challenge in a friendly atmosphere where everyone can go at their own pace. In fact, the Triathlon has a Discovery level for beginners: 15 minutes of swimming, 15 minutes of cycling, and 15 minutes of running. We also have a Sprint level for more seasoned athletes: 30 minutes for each activity.

Level Swimming Cycling Running
Discovery 375 metres 10 kilometres 2.5 kilometres
Sprint 750 metres 20 kilometres 5 kilometres

You can participate on your own or in a team of 3. Children age 12 and older are also welcome to sign up and a daycare service will be available for young children.  

There will be activities throughout the centre for all ages all day long. Exhibitors will also be in the lobby to meet with you.

Medals will be awarded not only to the team that has raised the most funds, but also to the first three teams that have covered the most distance in the Discovery and Sprint categories.

3-Fit Super Training

This year, there will be a series of 45-minute Super Toning, Step, and Zumba classes led by our instructors in the big gym. Ending with a Yoga class led by Don Bell, this activity is open to everyone (members and non-members).

Class Start End Instructors
Super Toning 9:30 am 10:15 am Bassel - Helen - Valérie
Super Step 10:30 am 11:15 am Ludivine - Nathalie G. - Bassel
Super Zumba™ 11:30 am 12:15 pm Gabby - Selma
Super Yoga 13:30 pm 14:15 pm Don

Registration is officially open! Register now on your own or as a team with your colleagues, friends or even your family!

You want to participate as a volunteer? Register on the web site:

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For everyone, and for a good cause!

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