Your opinion is important!

The YMCAs of Québec - February 22 2016

Dear member,

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance and improve our programs and services, we hold various online member satisfaction surveys to measure how effective we are and to get your opinion and comments on what is important to you and your family.

We invite all adult members to complete the surveys (before march 11) that correspond to their area of interest. Simply select the survey that best corresponds to your experience by scrolling down to the links at bottom of the page. The surveys are completely confidential and are being carried out by YMCA Canada. The results will allow us to better target the needs of our members and to learn their level of satisfaction. This will enable us to improve our offerings and services by taking into account the different comments from our members.

Thank you for taking the time to compete these surveys. Your feedback will help strengthen your YMCA..


The YMCAs of Québec