My name is Thiruveny. Can I count on you?

The YMCAs of Québec - November 28 2016

How could I offer my five-year-old son Kagiethan a better life when, at the end of the day, there was barely enough money to pay for food and basic needs?

I remember being at home, alone with my son, in our small apartment. We had just arrived from Sri Lanka with my husband. I used to feel isolated and sad. I used to spend my days sitting at home. Alone. Every single day. The language barrier only made things worse. Until I turned to the YMCA and you extended a welcoming hand to me.

Donors like you opened doors for my family by giving us access to programs that we simply could not afford, like swimming, karate and homework help. It is only thanks to you that I found a safe and positive environment where my kids can grow up and be healthier and happier in the long term.

I remember being worried that my child will spend time wandering on the streets or fall behind in school. I no longer need to worry. Kagiethan is doing great. He is 19 and recently completed his lifeguard training while studying engineering. His little sister Kanisha is 10 and following in her big brother’s footsteps.

Your gift did more than provide access to programs. What I found was a community and a warm welcome, something I had been waiting six lonely years for. You provided us with warmth, hope and a personal connection. You provided us with a family.

You have always been here for us. Unfortunately, I am just one of many moms. I ask you to be here for them too. There are thousands who apply for financial assistance each year who are truly in need. You can make a difference. I have seen firsthand the impact of your support on the many families in need.

Can I count on you? Will you help other kids and struggling families start off the new year right, in a positive, welcoming place like the YMCA where they can access the opportunities and relationships they need to have a bright future? Please click here now.

Thank you for your kind support.

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